Book review: The C++ Programming Language

You are a C++ programmer - you own this book. If you don't, buy it, buy it right now. This is the reference work on C++, written by the original creator of the language himself: Bjarne Stroustrup. Although this isn't a book for beginners the text is very readable and concise. I particularly liked the code examples he gives, because they are not of your usual 'hello world' text book quality, but rather examples taken from the real world. He also doesn't commit the crime of many authors of presenting code with remarks like this: "this is not the way you should do it, you'll learn the correct way later". Bjarne isn't the die-hard, everything must be object oriented type of guy (that is a good thing!), thus presenting the more traditional style of procedural programming first. While still taking advantage of the OO facilities of C++, like stream IO for example, he doesn't overwhelm you with the responsibility of designing proper classes from page one. In the more philosophical chapters about design and 'the importance of the individual' the author demonstrates a very rational, non-preaching point of view backed up with lots of real world experience.

No compromises, this book is a must have.

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