Book review: Code Complete

This is an outstandingly good book about software construction techniques that lead to a sound, robust product. It starts with simple things like naming conventions, function layout and commenting methods, but covers the whole software development cycle of design, programming and quality assurance. Although it gives plenty of source code examples in several different programming languages, these are always short and easy to follow even for 'language foreigners'. Source code examples are only used to illustrate more general, important points, rather than specific implementation details. The author is careful not to force his personal style on you - which would be rather foolish considering the many 'religious' issues covered (naming conventions anyone? ;) ) - but presents his opinions supported by sound arguments that'll make even skeptics reconsider. The text is an easy read compared to more technical books and is covered with lots of very amusing short stories that highlight key points. This book will be a great aid in keeping your and your coworkers' mental health while programming in a team under a merciless deadline.

If you are at all serious about programming - buy this book!

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