My new apartment

No hike this weekend. Anita was here and we went shopping for furniture (we spent a metric shit ton of money and didn't get a tenth of what we'll need). I have finally found an apartment! After applying for a very modest one and being rejected I went to see about two dozen more. Zürich's real estate market is completely nuts. Landlords can demand pretty much whatever they want and still get hundreds of applicants per offer. You hand over basically all of your personal and financial information and they'll actually follow up and call your current and former employer, your current and former landlord and your bank. In any case, after quite a long and exhausting search I finally surrendered and went for one that was well above my initial search criteria. This has the disadvantage that I'm now paying about 5 times of what I did in Münster (Zürich is the world's 7th most expensive city). But it has the non-trivial advantage that it'll easily accomodate Anita and me so we won't have to move again once she moves over here. And of course, it's very nice ;-)

Besides looking for furniture we moved my gear from the temporary apartment to the new home. First trip Anita and me, packed to the limit. For the second trip I went alone, carrying my huge backpack with an additional sack strapped onto it and my desktop computer in my arms. That made for about 65kg of stuff carried uphill over a distance of 1.6km. Don't do that. But I found out that I can actually fit a 19" display into my backpack ;-)

New apartment in Switzerland

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