Rigi Hochflue Hike

I wasn't feeling too well the last couple of days, with a slight case of diarrhea and just general weakness. The weather forecast looked grim with rainfall and thunderstorms in the afternoon. So I decided to go for only a short hike and start early this time, in order to benefit from the good morning weather.

I aimed for Mount Rigi again, but this time the Rigi Hochflue. It is of modest height (1698m) but posted as a T5 = challenging alpine level hike (the scale tops out at T6) with nice scrambling parts and lots of rock. I got to the train station 6:30 and to the trailhead 8:15. Beat the time to the summit by an hour. Lots of clouds, but they only served to improve the vistas and there was still enough sun coming through to burn me good.

17 km, 6 hours, 1380 m elevation gain/loss. Beautiful weather, views, trail. Success!

2011-06-04 Rigi Hochflue Hike

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