Pilatus Hike: Esel, Oberhaupt, Tomlishorn

Same procedure as yesterday. Get up late, plan to stay home. Play with google earth checking the surrounding mountains. Find an interesting one close by. Decide to hike it. Start planning the hike. Get psyched about it. Decide what the fuck - I can start it today, the weather is nice. Arrive at trailhead 13:00. Beat the suggested time to the summit by more than an hour all the while taking detours of the trodden path to avoid the hordes coming down from the cable car. I was actually faster than a mountain biker going uphill on the same route ;-) Once on the summit I see a beautiful trail carved in the mountainside following the ridge. It's six o clock. Still some 3 hours of sunlight left. Go for it. No map, no real destination (thanks to the outstanding Swiss rail system you can pretty much come down the mountain wherever you like and board a train home), no idea how long it'll take. Not a smart move. I actually started running along the ridge because a path down wouldn't present itself - impassable steep cliffs to either side. No soul in sight (figures I guess). But anyway, it turned out ok. Perfect actually. I don't think the world can get much better than this.

~8.5 hours, 27 km, 1875 m elevation gain/loss

I did have to use my secret weapon and drink some coke on the way down. I didn't have any food during the day except for some cookies and coca cola is a sure way of bringing out the energizer bunny ;-)

Photos here.

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  1. *lol*

    Das klingt nach einem typischen Buschnick Hike ... spät anfangen, dann noch irgendwo ins Unbekannte abbiegen und am Ende jenseits sämtlicher Fußwege durch die Felsen klettern. Warum kommt mir das nur so bekannt vor ;) ?