Mount Rigi Hike

I intended to chill the day at home and do some paperwork. Around 2 pm I decided the weather was too nice to waste and went for a hike. Because I started late I had to go fast. The result: Mount Rigi from K├╝ssnacht to Arth-Goldau, 26.5 km, 1500 m elevation gain and loss, 6.5 hours. Perfect weather. Beautiful views. Nice mountain.

This time I'm trying some fancy new stuff for sharing the photos, so let me know what you think.

Photos here.

I installed a nice app on my phone that tracks how many sit-ups and push-ups you can do and gives you a training regime. I'm currently at 70 sit-ups and 42 push-ups. The goal is to get back to 2004 bike tour fitness levels where I could cycle 200km through Norway's mountains and end the day jumping on a trampoline. Or at least fight the infamous "Google 7", a rule that states every Noogler gains 7 pounds after starting employment with Google. Imagine yourself being surrounded with free ice-cream, chocolate bars and hot meals while sitting at your desk all day...

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