Saturday Hike

This time Jan came along. We took the train to Einsiedeln and hiked along the "Schwyzer Höhenweg" to Schwyz following a long ridge. We walked for 32km, 1300hm up and 1700hm down. Tracked with a present I got from google, a brand sparkling new Nexus S. We walked from 10:00 to around 18:20 with two breaks. We spent the last couple of hours in a pouring rain and thunderstorm so we took to roads instead of following the torrential creek that used to be our trail. All in all it was a nice trip.

The Rathaus in Einsiedeln: Einsiedeln monastery: Some statue in front of the monastery: Jan jogging uphill backwards: Einsiedeln monastery and lumbermill: Siehlsee and alps: Rearview mirror: Jan playing with GPS: "Grosser Mythen" and "Kleiner Mythen": Waymarkers: Amselspitz: The ridge ahead: Allah Agba
Allah Groß
Allah Mächtig
Krasse Weg
Kongrete Blick
Dead trees: Another cross: Meadows and flowers: Steep cliff: First real rain: Hobbit trail: Clouds moving in: Grosser Mythen: Lizard: "View" from a summit: Deep in clouds: Almost there: Seeking shelter: Raingear: More raingear: Misty forest: Pouring: Warming at the trainstation: Jan sat here ;-)

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