Fronalpstock (2124m)

The weather forecast for today had rain and thunderstorms on the menu. I was lucky though and the first drops of rain fell exactly the second I sat down in the train on my way back. It turned into quite a ferocious thunderstorm too, so I was glad to be back down from the mountain. Anyway, for the facts: Fronalpstock (2124m), 1679m elevation gain and loss, 21.5km walked, 7 hours total time (starting late at 10:00).

There was some sort of airshow going on in the valley. Terribly annoying as fighter jet engines in a narrow valley surrounded by near vertical cliffs produce monstrous noise and echoes. So much for the quiet hiker idyll. But I guess I had a prime spot for viewing the action without paying for it ;-) Formation flights, helicopters and jets doing some looping stuff and lots of fake smoke.

The mountain itself was kinda boring. Summit buzzing with insects.

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2011-07-09 Fronalpstock

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