Federispitz (1865m), Plättlispitz (1764m)

The plan for today had Tim, Friederike, Jan, Christian and me hiking some smaller mountain. Unfortunately that shouldn't happen. Friederike broke a toe, so she and Tim were out. Although we intended to start no earlier than 11:00 Jan overslept and was unreachable (shame on you!). So it was down to Christian an me.

We picked the Federispitz (1865m), since it isn't too difficult and reachable in little more than an hour from where we live. We arrived at the trailhead around 13:00, climbed up to the Federihütte, had some breakfast and summitted Federispitz and Plättlispitz (1764m). The latter one doesn't really count though because it was part of our regular way down. Nevertheless, it sports a name and a summit cross, so what the heck.

The weather was as good as you can possibly hope for, with a slight breeze, a clear sky offering phenomenal long distance views and temperatures around 18-20°C. A lot of paragliders were flying around. One in particular circled us several times when we were at the summit and we even had some sort of shouted "conversation" with him. This looks like a fun pasttime I should really try sometime.

All told we spent about 7 hours on the mountain, hiking for a distance of around 16km and 1460m elevation gain and loss. Definitely a fun trip and I'm glad we went despite the original plan not panning out.

All photos here:

2011-07-03 Federispitz, Plättlispitz Hike

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