Climbing near Engi (Aaterästei)

Six of us took advantage of the fantastic weather on Sunday to go climbing near Engi. A Klettergarten with around 50 mostly single pitch routes on a huge, 30m tall boulder that got exposed by an avalanche 14 years ago. Most routes are rated in the medium difficulty range but some proved surprisingly tough nevertheless. I took an honest, unexpected fall in a 6a+ standing about half a meter above my last clip. I didn't hurt myself but Andrey, who was belaying me at the time and is quite a bit lighter than me, smashed into the wall. He was marking holds red with blood on subsequent climbs ;-) I fell again on my second attempt in the same spot and ended up cheating my way around it, sidestepping into a neighboring route. Linus finally managed to climb it properly but not without taking a fall himself. Must be a cursed spot or very erratic grading on that wall since other routes rated at the same difficulty level were almost trivial. Anyways, lots of fun. Cheers to the gang: Andrey, Volodymyr, Tilke, Linus, Gintare.

See? It's easy, you just have to stick your head into the rock like this!

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