Gufelstock (2436), Heustock (2384m), Schwarzstöckli (2385m), Schilt (2299m)

After going climbing and watching the soccer match Germany vs Greece with friends ("Schlaaaand!") I couldn't get myself to get up at 5 in the morning. So I struggled out of bed at 6 instead and headed for Engi. Hiking up the Gufelstock, which I had already attempted (unsuccessfully) earlier this year. While there was still quite a bit of snow and navigation was difficult at times because the peaks were hidden in clouds I reached the Gufelstock summit (2436m) without much difficulty. While I had originally planned (and packed!) for a two day expedition I had a sudden inspiration for a project I'm working on and thought it would be nice to get back to my desk on Sunday. Weather was dry and not too hot, I was still strong and so decided to compress the itinerary to a single day. Following a beautiful and long ridge I climbed the Heustock (2384m), the Schwarzstöckli (2385m) and finally the Schilt (2299m). The latter one was a bit depressing. It's sticking out from the ridge and is famous for offering beautiful vistas over two valleys. When I got there all I saw were grayish walls of clouds. I descended through the Hinter Tal, passing two nice lakes and ending the day in Weesen at lake Walen.

In the end I hiked 42km (almost exactly Marathon distance!), climbed 2000m and descended 2400m. Left home a quarter past 6 in the morning and got back just before midnight - a long day indeed!

Chamois. Also - why did I bring sunscreen again?
Two hikers on the summit ridge. The slope to the left is my "trail", good thing I brought crampons and ice axe.
Capricorn. More than a dozen of them grazing in a group and not minding my presence at all.
The ridge and trail leading up to the Fronalpstock (2124m) - I climbed it last year.
Fox. I have only seen a handful of wild ones in my life, most here in Switzerland. I also stumbled across an eagle today. It was sitting in a cliff and I was climbing into it from around the corner. Released a startled cry and flew off.
The Linth emptying into lake Walen. Apparently at this time of day few people pass here. I was quite unexpected as evidenced by the startled young couple making out under the bridge.


  1. did you get your inspiration done the next day???

  2. Nope. I got entangled in a web of unforeseen dependencies and annoying grunt work before I even reached the heart of the problem. Always the case with programming... still too much chaff and friction.