Kayaking on the Reuss

Daniel, Volodymyr and me went kayaking on the Reuss from Bremgarten to Gebenstorf. A distance of about 25km. Despite a discouraging weather forecast it turned out to be a beautiful day and we got sunburned a bit. Volodymyr made the whole thing possible by bringing his two inflatable kayaks: he shared the two seater with Daniel while I got the single one. The Reuss is not a particular challenging river and is often done with canoes and a as a learning experience. I still managed to tip over the first chance I got ;-) In my defense I have to say that this was my first time ever in a kayak and that the (only) remotely interesting rapid was almost immediately after we put our boats into the water. A ton of fun - definitely something I could spend more time on. If it wasn't for the annoying logistics of getting the kayaks to the drop-in in the first place. Possible with inflatable kayaks, but "real" ones pretty much require having a car... We were very lucky: at the end of the trip a Swiss solo kayaker offered us a ride to the train station in his SUV.

Our captain: Volodymyr
Me floating after failing to negotiate that weir
Switzerland is such an ugly country...
To counter that fail pic: me on the final clip of a very long roof section

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