Long weekend in Mallorca

With Anita still living in Northern Germany and me in Switzerland it is always an annoying, time consuming and expensive ordeal to see each other. While looking for flights (I'd prefer the train on principle, but unfortunately it is not cheaper, and, more importantly, takes more than 10 hours one way) we discovered that meeting on the island of Mallorca is actually less hassle than at either of our places. So we went for a long weekend at the end of June. Neither of us has been there before.

First impression: It's scorching hot! I have no clue how people can be productive and get any sort of work done in this kind of environment. You try and adjust your day to the sun, but with temperatures of 29°C at midnight (!) we took to showering/jumping into the sea/pool 6-8 times a day.

This was during the final matches of the Euro 2012 soccer championships. We watched Germany lose amongst thousands of dressed up fans on the famous Ballermann section of the beach. Afterwards drunken fans would stagger about chanting: "Wir sind zum Saufen hier, Fussball interessiert uns nicht!". ("We are here for drinking, soccer is boring!"). Way to lose - party either way ;-)
Of course the final match with Spain decidedly kicking Italy's but had the whole island partying all night.

We sampled a significant part of the island using a rental car for two days. I tried my hands at some deepwater soloing at the exit of the famous Torrent de Pareis canyon. Unfortunately I didn't bring my climbing shoes so it didn't amount to much. The area has lots of potential though.

Of course I also wanted to summit the highest peak on the island but that is closed off as a military base :-(
We strolled along the various harbors quite a bit, watching all the beautiful sailing yachts. One day... There were also a couple of these huge motor yachts of the mega rich - one with its own helicopter parked on deck.

Mallorca 2012 fotos.

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