Selispitz (1736m) and Riedmattstock (1787m) Snowshoe tour

Linus and me went on a Snowshoe tour on Sunday. We had a lot of fresh powder over the last couple of days and the avalanche risk was "considerable" to "high". We chose modest peaks to compensate. The idea was to stay mostly below the tree line and thus be reasonably save.

Only in Switzerland: private cable car from your carport to the house.
Bench with a view.

Starting late from Giswil around 10 o'clock in the morning the first hour or so was a boring walk along small roads. However, as it would soon turn out, we should be thankful for the easy progress this allowed us. Once we actually donned our snow shoes we were the first to do so. Luckily most of the way was broken in by skiers, but their tracks are just a little bit too narrow to follow comfortably.


Getting close to the summit of Selispitz (1736m) we would meet the first bunch of ski tourers. In fresh, deep powder they seemed to be having the time of their lives and "Yehaaa!" down the mountain.

Envious? Me? Never!

We weren't done yet though and continued along the ridge to the Riedmattstock (1787m). This was a case of "So close and yet so far". The distance from one peak to the next is only a couple of hundred meters. Yet the ridge is steep and none of the skiers went before us so we had to break trail all of the way. Hard work.

Sitting below the summit cross on the Riedmattstock we enjoy the view and some sandwiches. Linus puts on a second pair of gloves while I'm sitting there with bare hands, mocking him for being a pussy. Just minutes later and I need half an hour to thaw my stinging fingers - serves me right I guess ;-)

Farther than it looks!

The summit book says we are the first visitors in 4 days. Breaking trail again on the steep descent is tons of fun. We are enjoying ourselves half walking, half running and half sliding down.

Just as we are arriving at the station at dusk the train leaves right in front of us. No problem, but a good excuse to get a beer while we wait ;-)

Linus is starting a new job on Monday and still needs to re-install his computer. I certainly don't envy him for that and am looking forwards to a nice hot bath instead. To round of a perfect day, Anita has held a sermon in Horw as part of her job application there and has passed it with flying colors. The final decision is still pending another meeting at the end of the month, but we are cautiously optimistic.

~1500m, ~26km


  1. Hi Sören,
    This is Timo, Linus' father. Read your expedition.
    Braking trail through untouched snow sounds like my normal way to school at the age of 10 in Hirvihaara in my native Finland.
    Good that you keep up the tradition.

  2. Hehe. That explains where he got it from ;-)

    I have been through Finland on my bike trip through Europe in 2004 (https://picasaweb.google.com/105320256218233862442/Soulbiking2004014Finland) - loved it. Fantastic country for wild camping. And while I think the language sounds beautiful and somehow melancholic I couldn't understand a word of it. Fortunately everyone seems to be speaking perfect English and so I had some very pleasant encounters. I'll be back! ;-)