Stöcklichrüz (1248m), Gueteregg (1275m) Snowshoe hike

While Anita and me have become members of the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) as soon as we arrived in Switzerland we haven't actually managed to go on a tour with them. A lot of the more interesting expeditions are booked out months in advance and my planning horizon usually extends to the next weekend at most. Anyway, last Sunday it finally worked out and we went on a "Schneeschuh Schnuppertour" (Snowshoe beginners/introductory hike).


We were a huge group of 18 people. The itinerary from Willerzell to Lachen wasn't very ambitious and the trail well broken in. Even if it hadn't been - our fearless guide and leader Peter paved the way and 17 pairs of snow shoes following him turned it into a highway.

Rays of sun.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't great and we spent most of the time in the fog. Still we got glimpses of the Sihlsee and lake Zürich.

First attempts negotiating deep snow and a steep ditch.
Break for tea.

Stopping at the hut Gueteregg we were served a very delicious hot soup and found some time for chatting and getting to know one another. Very friendly and nice group.

Snowshoeing Zombies streaming down the mountain.
Lake Zürich in the background.

Spirits were high and the way down to Lachen great fun. At this point even those who were trying snow shoes for the first time had become reasonably confident and we were running/tumbling/laughing down the slope. As a last resort you could always slide down on your bum if it became too steep ;-)

Slippery ;-)

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