Climbing Stollberg (near Sargans)

Andrey, Håvard, Barbora, Eduard, Volodymyr and I went climbing to Stollberg today. It's a very well developed area with easy access and is often used for courses. Consequently a bunch of kids were "learning the ropes", so to speak. Didn't matter, enough routes to go around for everybody. The wall is a bit curious, as it features an entrance to a bunker, some artificial rock hiding more military installations and several outlets for machine guns. I guess one better defends the border against Liechtenstein?

Andrey pulling some moves.
The next generation.
Fortified Switzerland. The overhangs to the right of it belong to "Auf der Alp" 6a+ and "Buch" 6a+. I declared the roofs to be just extra large underclings and tricked Edu into climbing them. Worked well ;-)

The rock is of good quality but a bit polished in places. It feels sort of wet and slippery, even if it isn't. This does take some getting used to. It helps that most of the routes are quite short.

I don't get any action shots - just me eating ;-)
Relaxed belay spot.

The weather was on our side. A bit windy and cloudy but only a few drops of rain. Vovik even brought a hammock and we could have a chilly picnic. Great day!

Norwegian style climbing.
Charming Vovik is charming.

I climbed:

  • So Geil 6b
  • 2x Herbert 6b (1x top rope, 1x lead)
  • Bhüat Di 6a+
  • Algier 6a+
  • Chrüzoutärä 6a+
  • Auf der Alp 6a+
  • Buch 6a+
  • Rosmarie 6a
  • Lustmolch 6a
  • Grottämolch 5c+
...in action.

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