Rigi Marsch 2013

After a great event last year I decided to participate in this year's Rigi Marsch again. It's an organized public hike with ~1.400 participants. Scheduled the night before ascension day (a public holiday) you start at 19:30 in the evening and arrive around 12 hours, 50km and 1500m elevation gain later on the summit of Rigi Kulm (1798m).

We started out as a group of 9 Googlers and Spooglers. 5 of us made it all the way to the summit. I've signed up a team for the GCC, Global Corporate Challenge, an event that tries to motivate office workers to become more active. As part of that you receive a pedometer. The goal is to reach 10.000 steps every day. The Rigi Marsch alone counted for ~65.000 (although others with the same device and same hiking distance got ~72.000). Unfortunately the GCC proper hasn't started yet ;-)

The weather was mostly OK. We did have a few hours of drizzling rain. It wasn't enough to get you wet, but it had the annoying side effect of hiding the summit in clouds. I could only see the huge radio tower on top when I was standing right in front of it.

Switzerland has an amazingly fit population. 900 people made it to the summit this year. I always admire old people the most. If I grow to be 70 or 80 and can still hike up that mountain I'll be happy. Some seriously fit grandpas and grandmas on that tour. Though the trophy for most hardcore must go to a young dude who had a special backpack carrying a (full!) case of beer. He had his regular pack tied on top of that. Must have lost a bet or something. The last time I saw him he was laboring up the mountain to the last check point before the finish line. A bit staggering maybe, but apparently still stubbornly determined to finish it.

Just as last year the event was organized perfectly and went smoothly. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers manning supply stations and preparing and marking 50kms of trail with candles and flags!

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