One Week of Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

When we went sailing on the Ijsselmeer in autumn of last year it was cold and windy. While this meant fun sailing it also meant a lot of freezing on the rudder. We had this meme going on of mythical Pina Colada weather where we would relax in the sun on deck. We vowed to make it a reality this year.

So it was that the three brothers Sanchez, Sanchez and Sanchez and their fair ladies set out to Pula in Croatia. Driving there in our trusty old VW van took a little longer than expected. We had a bit of fun during a border crossing traffic jam where we would overtake the same van with a Norwegian family with three teenage girls again and again. Making faces and showing off our various on-board snacks. I think we won the final round by a huge margin with our huge can of Wiener's beating their flimsy box of cereal!

Apparently there is a thing among sailors to go nudist. We went skinny dipping quite a bit ourselves, but people crawling around their boats cleaning naked was a bit too much ;-) Anyway, great vacation, great fun.

We are, in fact, drinking Pina Coladas here.
We had some wind, but a lot of idle cruising and even motoring as well.
Richard in combat gear. We went swimming and diving quite a bit. The boat has an electronic depth finder and Torsten managed to dive down the anchor chain at >12m. My ears were exploding long before that. It's also a bit scary having so much water above you... even if it is as beautifully clear as here.
Surfing is so last century. The new thing is called Brother - Boarding!
Anyone seen the Open Water movies?
We only spent the first and last night in a harbor. The rest of the week we anchored in cute little coves like this one.
In the end we decided Cuba Libres taste a lot better than Pina Coladas...
Full moon following a full sun ;-)
This is when Sarah decided all of us should wear Dirty Sanchez shaves.
Meet the brothers Sanchez, Sanchez and Sanchez!
Setting off on an expedition to find fresh water.
"My life is a stereo, turn me up and let go."
Sailing is hard and dangerous work. It needs your full attention and strength at all times!
I brought the entire series of Transmetropolitan graphical novels (cheers Thomas!) - a big hit with the crew.
Another night...
...in an ugly bay with just ourselves to keep us company. So sad.
Motoring and being pulled by the boat.
Quite a bit of work to hang on to it at ~6 knots.
Shelter for the night.
I brought my climbing shoes in the hopes of some deep water solo opportunities. Alas, this steep sandy cliff is all I got.
Exploring treasure island.
The beautiful little pirate nest of Susak.
The crew on our last day.

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