Silberen (2319m) Hike

Shortly after our return from the sailing trip Sabrina and Nathan from Germany visited us and stayed for a few days. August the 1st is the Swiss National Day and a public holiday. So late the night before we decided to hike a mountain. Initial plans were maybe a bit too enthusiastic and ambitious, but we compromised on the Silberen (2319m). An easy mountain close by which I hadn't climbed before because it's relatively hard to get to by public transportation. However, since Anita now owns a car for her job, this changes things.

We drove all the way up to the Pragel pass at 1550m, significantly reducing the amount we'd have to climb. The trail is easy and well marked. Initially it crosses beautiful alpine meadows with colorful flowers. Higher up it traverses huge karst formations - the silver reflections of the rock giving the mountain its name. I think this would be a very nice hike with kids. There's never really any danger of falling, yet at the same time you can scramble and climb around on impressive rock formations.

While we were mostly alone on the way up, there were already quite a few people on the summit. Everyone was just hanging out and enjoying the sun. Two guys even brought beer and cooled it in one of the snow patches. We went down on the other side of the mountain and returned back to our car in a big circle.

Driving back the narrow mountain road we stopped at the Klöntalersee for a quick swim under the Glärnische's impressive north face. A project for another time ;-)

~800m, ~10km

Just before heading out.
View across the Druesberg and Sihlsee towards Lake Zürich and the city.
Thingy on the summit. Glärnisch in the background. Been there, done that.
View from the summit across Lake Lucerne towards the Pilatus. Done that, too.
Tödi (3614m)
Nathan in front of the Bös Fulen. A real bitch (the mountain that is).
From snow...
...into flowering meadows.

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