Climbing Aaterästei

Our initial plan was to go on a three day mountaineering trip and climb Dom. The weather forecast predicted a temperature drop of ten degrees, thunderstorms and solid rain/snow though. Thus we decided to take advantage of the last few dry hours and go climbing at Engi instead. It's quick to get to, so Iljya, Andrey, Volodymyr and I were at the crag 10 o'clock on Saturday. We got five solid hours of climbing in before it started pouring.

The next generation will rule the (climbing) world!

I climbed:

  • Psychodelic 6c
  • Tolle Lola 6b
  • Senza Stumpä 6a+
  • Pfiffolterä 6a+
  • Al Dente 6a
  • Götterspass 5c
  • El Pirato 5c
  • Rübis & Stübis 5c
  • Papagai 5a

All but Pfiffolterä as clean leads. All four of us tried to figure out Pfiffolterä, but none of us managed to climb it properly.

On Wednesday Anita and I participated in the yearly Zürcher Seeüberquerung. More than 8500 people swimming a distance of 1.5km across lake Zürich. As usual a well organized and fun event in perfect weather and a water temperature of 22-23°C.

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