Albis Hike and 3.75 More Visitors

We took Nathan and Sabrina up our "Hausberg", the Albis, on Saturday. The ladies took the cable car up while Nathan and me hiked the trail. It is short, but steep and we kept up a quick and steady pace. Well done mate! ;-) Once we had reached the ridge it is a nice stroll through the forest towards an old signal tower with a nice view of the lake. Coming down again we treated ourselves to a refreshing bath in the Sihl river just before a thunderstorm hit. After that - board game night. Nathan and Sabrina are serious board game geeks and we introduced them to La Citta. Fun times.

We said good-bye at the airport on Sunday and picked up Manu, Christine and Ellie from the Adliswil train station. They had just attended a week long seminar in the Eiger region and wanted to prolong their stay by four days of vacation, staying with us. Unfortunately I had to work and only had the evenings available, but we had a good time nevertheless. It was a bit like having your private chef at home, with Manu preparing elaborate dinners every night. Thanks! I gave them the Google office tour and Ellie enjoyed the Lego micro-kitchen in particular. Good times with board games, BBQ and beer.

A kids friendly restaurant on the ridge.
The old signal tower, rebuilt in 1979.
Body-floating in the Sihl.
Nathan contemplating a the "voice of the people" in La Citta.
Manu, Ellie, Anita, Christine + 0.75
Ellie was fascinated by me eating corn on the cob and watched me intently. She then proceeded to gnaw at her own one with great enthusiasm and nearly finished it.
She also loved our wire head scratcher and would squeak with joy when you used it on her.
Trying on my hiking boots. Not quite the right size yet.

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