Christkindlesmarkt Nuremberg

Anita and I flew to Nuremberg for a weekend. This may be a trivially obvious observation for other people, but only after we went shopping for a new purse for Anita did I notice that handbags seem to be absolutely indispensable accessoires for the modern woman. One hundred percent of the female variety of the human species in the crowded city was carrying one. Who knew?!

Nice city. Cities that haven't been completely flattened in WWII or have just been built recently (North America) have a special flair to them. Nuremberg has a fully intact medieval fortification wall. As a consequence the entire heart of the city is mostly free of cars and very pedestrian friendly in any case.

A fountain depicting the cycle of a relationship. This is her killing him.
Nuremberg is famous for its nativity plays.
Stylish train station.
It was a bit crowded.
The world's largest Feuerzangenbowle.
They cheated me - no chocolate on the underside!
In the city castle.
Medieval revolver.
Awesome stair case. Behold the ingenious engineering with the beams going only half way.
Albrecht Dürer house. The art was only mildly interesting. But a medieval household and the craft of mixing colors and printing replicas was fascinating.
Yes, we came back to this a few times ;-)
Opera house.

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