Wildhuser Schafberg (2373m)

There's still very little snow in the Alps, so Ben and I decided to try another hike. I had selected an approach via a South facing slope, hoping for even thinner snow cover. As last time, we left our snow shoes at the base. This time it turned out to be the right call. While everything was covered in hoar frost there were only very few patches of snow which we could easily avoid. We went up the normal route of the Wildhuser Schafberg (2373m) with the intention of continuing to the Jöchli (2335m). However, once we reached our summit and caught glimpses of the route ahead through the dense fog, we decided to turn back instead. The route would have been a little too dicey in bad visibility like this. If either of us had known the exact route from previous reconnaissance I might have gone for it. Alas, we didn't. Still, it was a very nice hike with a distinct alien planet feel to it. The night before we had the entire neighborhood over at our house for a holiday party with Feuerzangenbowle and wine. Getting up at 5 in the morning to go up a mountain was a bit rough ;-)

~12km, +-~1500m

Early morning in an alien world.

A minor obstacle in our way. We found our own way traversing directly underneath the cliff. By avoiding the actual trail for a while we saved a few meters in elevation.

The Jöchli is the peak barely visible to the right. We would have had to traverse the snow and then scramble up the steep face to get there. We decided to pass.

Schafberg minor summit.

Ben making his way from the minor summit to the actual highest point of the Schafberg.

Major show-offs!

Supposedly this mountain offers great vistas.

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