A weekend of Skiing in Laax & Flims

Mark, Mark, Marc, Thomas, Ben, Samuel, Andreas, Emilia and I went skiing in Laax. Saturday was a glorious weather day with blue skies and no wind. Samuel and I arrived together while the others were already on the slopes. We went up the wrong mountain and split up. Samuel in search of his buddies who, as it later turned out, had a few beers, went off piste and got lost. Meanwhile I started a scavenger hunt trying to catch up with the main party. The way this worked was that they'd send me a text message with the lift they had just been on. I was three lifts behind at the start of the day. Towards the end I finally caught up with them and we had the last few runs together. Great fun.

We got fresh snow on Sunday. Unfortunately it was a little too fresh - it was snowing quite heavily all day, making visibility very poor. At the same time a fierce wind was blowing so that the snow was drifting horizontally. At some points on the slopes it was a fight between gravity pulling you down hill and the wind blowing you up - with no clear winner. I later learned on the radio that the gusts on the summits exceeded 100km/h wind speeds. Unsurprisingly most lifts weren't running and we had to content ourselves with the lower pistes. The big gondola was swaying so much they had to stop it and carefully inch past a pylon, lest it crashes into it. A frozen beard day ;-) According to my GPS I reached top speeds of 87km/h. Definitely time to buy a helmet... it should arrive this week. I like going fast a little too much and currently my desire for speed is greater than my ability to control it. Practice required.

Some people preferred sitting out the worst bit of weather with hot tea...
...while I preferred to freeze some more body parts off.
Far too many red LEDs on this map - time to go home.

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