Another Sunday in Laax

Christian and I went to Laax on Sunday. We got fresh snow the night before which meant that we were skiing what's probably the best powder I've ever experienced. Mind you, that isn't saying all that much because I haven't been skiing a lot. I've tried staying outside of the prepared slopes as much I could, slowly learning how to ski off-piste. We always stayed close to the marked runs though because you could see fresh avalanches on most of the surrounding faces and visibility was hit or miss the entire day. Sometimes the clouds would open up and you'd be rewarded with fantastic vistas and the next moment you couldn't see the hand in front of your eyes. We had a chance meeting with Thomas and Julia and two friends from Argentina and joined them for a few runs in the afternoon. We managed about 80km and top speeds exceeding 85km/h. On the very last run of the day, when the lifts had already stopped running and we were just going back down to the valley, I bragged to Christian how I hadn't had a proper crash since I've picked up skiing again in Switzerland. Jinxed it of course. A few minutes later I was tumbling down the mountain. Serves me right I guess ;-) It was also the first day I was wearing my new helmet (or a helmet at all for that matter)...

The rental place in Flims has a privacy issue. The terminal is auto completing the names of previous customers.
Photo by Christian
Obligatory selfie
Drag lift into the void
Frozen Beard
Photo by Christian

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