Climbing Roggenhuser Steinbruch

Another after-work trip to the limestone of the Jura. We use the mobility car sharing car again. Unfortunately we get unlucky and hit rush hour. It takes us almost two hours for a distance of just 50 kilometers. Could have done that on a bike! On the plus side one can park right at the crag, an abandoned quarry. The routes are a bit mossy and wet from the massive rains of the last few days (apparently we had enough rain in the month of May to fill all of lake Zürich) making climbing a bit more challenging. I hit my shinbone against the rock - very painful. Anyway, despite being a little short on time Andrey and I still manage to climb:

  • Die Letscht 5a
  • S'Dächli 5c+
  • Tropfstei Wand 5c+
  • Bockmattli-Riss 5a
  • Tüfelsrissli 5c+
Andrey camouflaged in Die Letscht.
This was hidden in one of the routes. Too small for a route book - what is it?

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