Climbing Sunneplättli

Good weather on Saturday, so Vladimir, Nicola, Ania and I returned to the Sunneplättli on Lake Lucerne. I have ticked off the last few routes that were "missing" in my collection. And tried an unmarked one. That was quite the bummer. It starts trivially easy up to a small roof. After some trial and error I managed to pull myself up over that using two small underclings. But then there was nothing. Literally. Just a blank slab. Even when cheating by pulling on quickdraws I had no idea how one would solve that sequence. That is rare. Usually you can figure out what to do and just lack the strength, technique, endurance or flexibility to execute it. This time I simply had no idea.

We spent the evening eating pizza and watching a weird Czech movie at Vladimir's place. Even with English subtitles the plot was hard to follow. Too artsy for my poor little Hollywood conditioned brain ;-)

  • Rutschbahn 6a
  • Briefkasten 5c
  • J. Mutzenbacher 6a+
  • Wassermann 6a+
  • Electronic 6a+
  • Löchliweg 6b
  • Unnamed (impossible)

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