Climbing Gallerie Weesen

We have unnaturally good weather at the moment. 18°C and sun. Vladimir, Nicola, Laura and I took advantage of it by going climbing at the Gallerie Weesen/Amden. A crag right above a road and thus easy to get to. It features lots of very hard routes and is listed in the "extreme" guide book. And indeed there were quite a few people working on what looked like challenging projects. We stuck to the easier stuff. I'm still recovering from a cold and haven't been climbing in weeks. Laura hadn't climbed for a year or so. Vladimir had pulled a muscle in his neck while bouldering a few days earlier. Still he put up an impressive fight all the way to the top of Halloween, 6c+. I was a little less daring and only followed it instead of attempting a clean lead. I managed the entire thing without cheating. I'll definitely return for a proper lead. It was a very satisfying climb in any case. 6c+ is right at the very limit of what I ever managed to climb outdoors.

Anyway, great afternoon - thanks gang! Special credit to Laura for bringing a good camera and taking pictures!

  • Kurzprogramm, 6a
  • Bonsai 6a+
  • Halloween 6c+
  • Brillätidi 6a
Vladimir in Bonsai.
Lake Waalen and the village of Weesen. Switzerland is a butt-ugly country.
Nicola in Bonsai.
Me in Brillätidi. No shirt in November!
Laura in Brillätidi.
Nicola. Apparently everything is cool at the belay ;-)
Vladimir. Pissed about his neck. Sitting in the shade because it was too hot in the sun!
We are such extreeeeeeme climbers!
Fun on the rope swing.
Proof that Halloween is overhanging quite a bit.

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