Schwalmis (2246m), Risetenstock (2290m), Brisen (2404m)

Zürich has been gray and overcast the last week. So I went beyond the clouds on Sunday. Perfect blue sky all around. It was actually warmer at 2000 meters altitude than in the valleys, classic temperature inversion. Winter is coming though - the Northern slopes are frozen and covered in snow.

I have a slight cold, so I started at a leisurely late 10 o'clock in the morning, intending to climb just one modest peak. Gained the first summit much faster than expected and was still feeling strong, so I kept going along the ridge. In the end I climbed the Schwalmis (2246m), the Risetenstock (2290m) and the Brisen (2404m). I met lots of people along the way who had the same idea as me, took the cable car up and were enjoying the sunshine above the clouds. Great day!

  • +-1900m
  • 22km
A cat chilling in the sun.
The ridge ahead. Risetenstock on the left, Hoh Brisen and Brisen to the back and right.
Final approach to the Schwalmis summit.
Klewenalp, Rigi ridge and Lake Lucerne hidden beneath the sea of clouds.
Niederbauen Chulm and Oberbauenstock.
Lake Lucerne under the clouds, Stanserhorn and Pilatus in the center.
Risetenstock summit pyramid.
Risetenstock summit.
The Glattegrat.
Brisen summit.
Looking back whence I came.
Ridgeline to the Hoh Brisen. It is ten meters taller than the Brisen and seldom climbed. The ridge seemed a bit dicey to attempt alone and late in the day...
I took the direct way down.
Last bit of the Isenthal access road. Quite spectacular and steep even by Swiss standards.

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