Wängihorn (2148m)

Ralf, Andrey and I went for a quick hike on Sunday. We originally intended to do a much longer enchaînement of multiple summits but once we gained the first one we deemed it too dangerous to continue due to too much snow. It was still a good day out and we climbed more than 1500 meters of elevation gain in less than three hours without so much as a single rest.

On the ridge. The peak in the top right is the Wängihorn.
Looking back into the Schächen valley.
Ralf fooling around with his umbrella.
Walking on hail is surprisingly tricky. Feels like marbles. While you can stomp steps into snow, it doesn't work with these little balls of ice.
Summit selfie. Ralf prides himself in being "grumpy Ralf" and made his best grumpy old man face. Everyone started laughing which led to this all smiles photo ;-)
Our intended continuation. You can barely make out the trail cutting to the left in very exposed terrain.
Coming off the summit.
A bit of steeper terrain.
Beautiful cliffs and waterfalls. North facing. There ought to be some good ice climbing here later in the season.
Lots of hiking destinations.
This would be acceptable to me as a vacation home. Beautiful views of Lake Lucerne.

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