Climbing Holzegg and Hiking Grosser Mythen (1898m)

After climbing Brüggler we contemplated an alpine route, either climbing a tall mountain or rock climbing some granite. It was a scorching hot day which made escaping to high altitude appealing. Unfortunately there was also a significant chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, so we decided to play it safe and go cragging instead. We went to the Holzegg at the saddle of the Grosser Mythen. Although the Mythen is one of my goto mountains to bring visitors on, I have only ever been to the climbing crag once. A shame, as it is really nice and barely an hour away from our home.

At the base of the Holzegg crag.
Sören in "Alpinist", 6a.
Sören in "Hü+Hopp", 6a+.

Luigi joined us and the three of us hiked up to join a group of climbers already at the crag. We climbed a bunch of 6a-ish single pitches and a weird extension of a 5c route. Neighboring climbers, who were struggling on 5cs and saw us cruising up our routes, challenged us to attempt a 6c+. I gave it a try but got shut down on the first few moves. It was hot enough that I was sweating all over and everything felt grimy and slippery. The others didn't even try and we went for the restaurant on the ridge instead.

Luigi in "Alpinist".
Volker in "Hü+Hopp".

Volker was interested in hiking up the Mythen. Luigi, the Italian (!), thought it was way too hot and decided to stay in the shade. This gave Volker and me an incentive to be fast so Luigi wouldn't have to wait for too long. When we gained the summit after 40 minutes we passed a sign that suggested a time of 50 minutes for the way down (!). Satisfying ;-)

View towards lake Lucerne from the restaurant at the top of the Mythen.
On the summit of the Grosser Mythen.
Nice ridge on the way down.
Waiting for a well deserved beer.

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