Prima Torre Del Sella (2533m) via "Tissi", VI-, ~190m

After nearly getting our asses kicked on the Buhl dihedral, Luigi and and I decided to go for a more plaisir-style route this time around. We picked the first Sella tower at the Sella pass. While nominally rated at almost the same difficulty as the Buhl route, "Tissi" is significantly easier. It's shorter and bolted almost to gym standards. Thus it turned into a confidence boosting cruise of a climb. We had the wall to ourselves and enjoyed great weather and great climbing.

Sella towers. We climb the large one on the left.
Luigi getting ready to follow me up the first pitch.
Sella pass road.
Steep rock.
Luigi on the traverse to the next pitch. Comfortable belay ledge!
Up up!
My lead up a comfortable ramp.
A steeper bit with some nice finger pockets.
Luigi topping out. You can see the Sass Pordoi cable car in the background. We climbed up there during our previous visit to the Dolomites.
Victory pose on an exposed outcrop.
Looking back at the route. We basically came up through the center of this wall.
Trail for the descent. You can see it snake down the steep face.
Scrambling on the way down.

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