Skiing Flumserberg

Christian and I went for a "Neuschneeverköstigung" (and no, this has nothing to do with snorting cocaine). Fresh snow in the mountains and fantastic weather made it impossible *not* to go skiing. Unfortunately this was true for pretty much the entire country. Thus the Flumserberg parking lot was already full and traffic got redirected to parking down in the valley with shuttle busses ferrying people up the mountain. We braced ourselves for packed lifts and long queues. Luckily the crowds dispersed very well and it turned out not bad at all.

When Mel learned that Christian would go skiing with me, her first reaction was: "but how will you have lunch then?!". I have a bit of a reputation for not stopping for unimportant things like food. Anita always mocks me for packing three snickers bars for a day in the mountains and returning home with two still left over. Anyway, this time we compromised and had a late afternoon lunch in the sun with beautiful vistas all around. An great day out and a promising start for the season!

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