Climbing Holzegg

The weather forecast predicted storm cells moving through the area the entire day. This didn't allow for big outings, but we still wanted to squeeze some climbing in between the rain. We settled on Holzegg - familiar, easy to get to, easy to bail from. And this time we brought the families to see how the kids would like it. A big group: Luigi, Luigi, Silvia, Marzia, Christian, Björn, Anita, Lukas, Leonie and me. With rain on the horizon and the kids in tow, we broke our usual rule and took the cable car. Shame on us.

Christian taking a selfie.

Silvia and Marzia coming down.

Björn and Christian coming up.

Björn and Christian were a bit rusty with no outdoor experience this season. So the three of us teamed up on a two pitch route. This turned out to be a bad choice. For one thing, Leonie was eager to go climbing with her dad, and having led the first pitch, I was still stuck on the wall. For another, we'd end up still on the wall when the rain caught up with us. Anyway. I led the first easy pitch and then Christian volunteered for the second, 6a+. Far from rusty he just cruised up. Then Björn did the same. Then the rain hit us before I got a chance ;-(

Christian leading the second pitch.

I was mainly a belay bitch that day.


Can't win every time. At least the kids escaped to the cable car in time to avoid getting drenched. And while they didn't get to do any real climbing, they did get to scramble around on the scree and experience a proper thunderstorm in the mountains. Leonie was slightly disappointed about the climbing, but overall looked back at the trip as a great adventure. So I guess it was still a success.


Still dry, still smiling.

The kids cave.


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