Rigidalstock (2593m) Via Ferrata

Christian, Susanne and Johannes were visiting us from Germany for a few days. We went on a day-trip to Brunni near Engelberg. This offers a nice compromise where the kids can spend the time on a large adventure playground while the grown-ups can go on a nearby via ferrata. Susanne and Johannes took the Brunnistöckli via ferrata while Christian and I chose the slightly more difficult Zittergrat. We met up again on the summit where Susanne and Johannes opted to go back down, leaving Christian and me to continue up to the Rigidalstock. We used the West face via ferrata to ascend and the east ridge via ferrata to come down again. The entire roundtrip took a bit longer than intended, so instead of floating down in the chair lift we had to hike back to the car.

Final maintenance.

First few meters on the Zittergrat.

The lake features a nice BBQ area and a barefoot trail.


First summit.

Susanne and Johannes coming up in the fog.

Suspension bridge off the summit.

Meanwhile at the playground: Lukas gave up and took a nap.


Through the hole.

I had to go spelunking a bit deeper into the mountain.

Second summit of the day.

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