Stoos ridge hike from Klingenstock (1935m) to Fronalpstock (1921m)

I gave the new recruits one day to recover their sore muscles and then took them up to Stoos. This offers a nice and safe ridge hike high above lake Lucerne. Anita graciously offered to stay home with Lukas so I brought the backpack to carry Leonie. She turned out to be a total trooper, walking quite a bit herself. I carried her most of the 900 meters ascent, but I'd guess she easily walked more than half of the ten kilometer distance. It must have been quite hot and boring in the backpack, but instead of complaining she made up the funniest songs and kept doing her own little private rap battles. Compared to the previous times I've been to the area they have markedly expanded the trails. The terrain is still steep, but the exposed bits now feature trails that are easily twice as wide as they used to be. There are also tons of freshly dug steps and even chains as railings.

Me with Leonie, Susanne, Johannes.
Some donkey-human carrying a kid.

Leonie currently enjoys playing the "Why?!" game quite a lot. You'll say something and she'll keep asking "Why?!". So when I asked her to walk a bit herself so I wouldn't have to carry her all the way, I ended up attempting to explain gravity and where it comes from after a few "Whys?!". Not easy. We arrived at the Fronalpstock just in time to wolf down some fries before the final chair lift back down. Of course the restaurant also features a playground. Leonie, quite tired at that point, couldn't let this slide and with renewed energy ran from one contraption to the next with the explititly stated ambition of trying them all. She managed ;-)

The landscape is not entirely ugly...
...some of it...
...is actually quite decent.
New stairs.
A lot of the terrain was easy for adults but required scrambling from Leonie.
This kid refused to walk any more just seconds earlier.
At 110% the world's steepest furnicular.
Anita welcomed us home with freshly baked, homemade Pizza!

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