Globi Children's Trail Lenzerheide

Immediately after our return from the Dolomites, Anita's childhood friend Sabrina visited with her husband Bernd and kid Eske. They stayed with us for a few days. Anita and I had to work, so we didn't have too much time for large excursions, but we did make it to Lenzerheide to do a kids' trail. Eske is a bit older than Leonie, but the two got along great. So relaxing to just send the kids off to play and have them gone for an hour or so. Looking forwards to Lukas and Leonie becoming more independent ;-P

One of the stations along the trail. This one was a marble/ball run.
Another station: Information about the Rega mountain rescue service and their helicopters.
Energy levels oscillated wildly between whiney "I can't walk anymore!" to running excitedly.
Playing in a little creek.
Leonie and Eske built this house and forest. Leonie was devastated when she asked whether it would be around forever now and I told her truthfully that the next rain would likely flush it away.
The kids were playing wild horses and were excited to encounter real horses.
Man-made pond to feed the snow machines in winter. I went for a swim.
Climbing to reach one of the slides on the playground.
Our house, in the middle of the street...
Handmade adventure playground. Someone clearly realized their childhood dreams here and improvised all kinds of exciting contraptions.

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