Sassolungo (2825m), via "Paravis", 180m, VI-

Another day where the daily thunderstorms were predicted to come early. So we couldn't risk going on a big mission and chose a short route on the Sassolungo instead. Conveniently located just 50 meters away from the cable car top station, it would allow us a super fast approach. Unusual for the Dolomites it also features some bolts and bolted anchors in particular. This enables a retreat at any time. Luckily this shouldn't be necessary.

Ancient lift going up the Sassolungo. The cabins are apparently referred to as coffins. They don't slow down at all for entering/exiting so you basically run after them and board them like a running train.
Me leading the second pitch, the first one that's actually proper climbing.
Mark and Luigi coming up to me.

Luigi and I had already climbed the neighboring Pollice route in 2017. Back then we could look over into the Paravis and watch two guys in military fatigues climb it. It looked steep and intimidating. So of course we had to check it out first hand this time around. Turned out to be a rather comfortable cruise. Either our perspective or our abilities have changed in the meantime ;-) There was a single party a few pitches ahead of us and we easily caught up with them. In fact, we handily beat the 3 hours of climbing suggested by the guidebook, even as a party of three.

Luigi leading one of the two VI- pitches. This one is a spectacular and super fun corner.
Luigi's perspective on Mark and me coming up the corner.
Mark leading a short but exposed traverse.
At the anchor.
Luigi following on the traverse.
Me leading the second VI- pitch. Steep.
Luigi and Mark coming up.
Luigi belaying us on the last real pitch before the tiny summit ridge.
Summit selfie. Luigi is already on the way down again.
Unprotected scrambling on the descent.
The party ahead of us on a Dolomites "trail", about to set up the final rappel. Cable car station in the background.
Happy faces? Dunno what's wrong in this picture. It was a great climb. You'll just have to take my word for it ;-P

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