Dolomites 2021

We spent two weeks in the Dolomites this year. The first week at a nice hotel/organic farm and the second at a campground. Luigi, Silvia and Marzia stayed in their campervan the entire time. Luigi and I managed a big day of climbing every two days for the first week, but unfortunately the second had a *lot* of rain. At one point the entire campground was flooded in about a centimter of water. You couldn't even make it to the tents with dry feet anymore. Luckily we could still squeeze in the occasional hike or some cragging with the kids. This is a collection of photos to wrap up my climbing trip reports...

Bouncy castle on a great adventure playground right next to our hotel.
Gargamel's house on a mountain.
Mountain playground. Leonie loves trampolines.
Leonie, Marzia and a random kid they met on the playground.
Not the worst place we ever stayed at...
Leonie's drawing in a restaurant while we were waiting for our food to arrive.
This was cold! Leonie and Marzia went in as well, but didn't dare get their butts wet.
Cragging at the marmot wall.
Our hotel is also an active farm. The kids loved feeding the cows and other animals.
Another mountain playground. Keeps the revenue going for the ski-lifts in summer.
And yet another playground. This one in Pozza di Fassa.
Hello donkey.
The high rope park on the playground next door.
Italian food. Pure climbing power?
Same creek, but higher up.
Great restaurant with another big playground and trampolines. Giving parents some time to enjoy Aperol Spritz in peace...
The food was also acceptable.
Lukas' first time camping.
A small animal park next to the campground.
Leonie. We made up an obstacle course where you weren't allowed to touch the ground.
A small educational hut where kids could learn about the various animals and plants. The entire table is a puzzle.
Torrential rains turning the entrance to our tent into a pool.
A nice trail where the kids could collect stamps and hunt for metal bears.
Leonie cragging.
Dads could climb a few pitches worth about 180m too. Up to 6a+.

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