Mochi's adventures on the Arvigrat

Björn got invited for a hike on Sunday, and since the whole month of October had had gorgeous weather, the expectation was that there would be no to only very little snow up to 2000m. Given that it would be a Sören-hike, Sandra still feared that it might be a bit much for the other members of the pack, but Sören assured us that it we'd be fine. Sandra worries too much. So on Sunday morning we had some breakfast, and drove the winding path to Wirzweli. Thanks to the end of summertime, we didn't even lose any sleep!

I met old friends (hi Sören) and new ones (hi Afroz!) and managed to get a few pets. We then started up the steeper side of the loop. First we encountered a herd of cows going down the mountain, and Sandra did not approve of me wanting to defend us all against these monsters. I did get some treats in return, so no hard feelings. And more importantly, we all survived that encounter.

Up and up we went, and it was indeed wonderfully warm and sunny. By now I got to roam free (for whatever reason, whenever there were other dogs, I happened to be on leash so we couldn't play), and could scout the way. Parts of the path were pretty steep, and rocky, and once we reached the higher parts of the hike, it was exciting to see the valley on both sides of the ridge. I had never been on such a steep ridge before, but still managed to kick Sandra's ass in speed and surefootedness. 4WD FTW! Sören and Björn got off the beaten path, and ended up on the highest peak - Sandra, Afroz and I had a better sense of direction and followed the trail.

Whenever Sandra took pictures, Sören tried to teach me the new command 'Instagram' to make sure I'd show my best face. I could show how well I had managed that when there was a wooden heart with a bench, showing both me and the beautiful view in our best light.

When we made it back to Wirzweli, we went for some hot drinks and snacks to replenish the energy lost during the 18km of walking and 1100m in altitude. Sören had a banana ice cream ("accidentally" the large portion), and I got a fine chew bone. Only after finishing everything, we started to get a bit chilly on the terrace, so we made our way back to the parking lot and drove off.


Thank you Sören for introducing me to Sörenhikes! I don't understand why Sandra was so worried about this :)

The author ;-) Thank you Sandra!

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