Chli Aubrig (1642m)

This time the proposal was to hike up to Chli Aubrig. It’s almost the end of November and there was enough snow already towards the mountains south of Zürich. I asked Sören if I should prepare for snow, but I will soon learn that I did not realise just how much snow there was going to be!

The hike started at the edge of Euthal, close to Sihlsee, following a small stream uphill.

Chli Aubrig is behind the peak visible here, amidst the clouds.

We had to start breaking trail soon after, as we moved further outside the village. Sören led the path, offering to break trail throughout! I would not trust myself with doing it, even if I had gators on.

The trail soon climbed through a beautiful forest with numerous icicles from frozen streams. We crossed a steel bridge over a waterfall at the end of the forest.

We walked past the two huts on the left, to this view of the Sihlsee.

From here the trail goes through another forest with scenes straight from a winter wonderland! The photosphere mode came in handy and I managed to shoot a 360° view. I spent way too much time in the forest, and Sören had to wait for me further up under this frozen tree. Beautiful but really cold!

A short lunch break here, and we moved further along the trail. We continued our conversation about what brings purpose and joy to us, which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Frozen trail signs!
Sören (left) and me (right).
We reached the summit soon, which was also, of course, frozen.

The path down from the summit was steep initially. Sören practically ran down the snow, while I mostly slid down, which meant that now I had a lot of snow in my shoes.

Walking back to the car, we saw horses who were just very excited to gallop around in the snow! We got some pictures and videos for Leonie since she likes horses now!

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