Climbing Sobrio

Non-stop rain on labor day kept us confined to the indoors. It looked as if Saturday offered a dry weather window on the South side of the alps though. So Stefan, Andrey, Vinay and I take the trip through the Saint-Gothard tunnel to Sobrio. The crag is still a little wet in the morning, making some of the routes a little more challenging. The sun is shining though and perfectly solid granite offers varied and fun climbing. Andrey and Stefan have to leave early for other commitments in Zürich, but Vinay and I stay on, climbing until we are the last people at the crag and it starts raining again. In the end we've put in a solid 7 hours of climbing.

Labor day. bah!
Stefan monkeying around.

We've climbed:

  • Mc Christal's 5a
  • Unnamed 5a/6b?
  • Il Bruco 5b
  • Fix 6a+
  • Titti 5c
  • Sempre Vivo 5c
  • Zion Train 6a+
  • Aeroplano 6a
  • Zimbawe 6a
  • Natty Dread 6b
The overhanging start to Zion Train and Aeroplano.
Obviously my favorite route of the day ;-P

The unnamed route was not in our guide book and the rating is just my suggestion. It started with a nearly trivial pitch to an anchor. After which it continued for three more bolts over a blank slab. That required extremely delicate moves balancing on the tiniest of ledges. Smearing feet on the blank rock while clamping your fingernails on two millimeter wide crystals. I was the only one to send it ;-)

This is a very kids friendly area. A gang of them built this hut.
We call this a Donnerbalken in German. A pit latrine in a hollow, burned tree.
Restaurant with a view.

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