Climbing Siggenthaler Flue

The weather forecast for the long weekend is abysmal, so we took advantage of decently dry weather on Wednesday and returned to the Siggenthaler Flue after work. Sam spontaneously decided he still had work to do and stayed at the office. So it was down to just Andrey, Vinay and me. Pressed for time we set up a fixed rope so one person could climb on self belay while the other two climbed leads. Worked out really well. We climbed:

  • Abigkante 6a
  • Chriesifest 6a
  • Verschneidung 6a
  • Weisser Hobow 6c
  • Hinkelstein 6a+

Slowly working our way along the wall from North to South we now have 13 routes left to conquer on this crag ;-)

Andrey puzzling on the last few moves of Hinkelstein.
Fixed ropes are comfortable for hanging around.
Vinay in Weisser Hobow.
Vinay on the final rappel of the day.

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