Climbing Engi

Despite trying my best at Björn and Sandras BBQ party full of climbers on Saturday, I couldn't convince anyone to join me for climbing on Sunday. So I went to join Andrey and Mitra at the Aaterästei near Engi. Taking turns in a three person team is quite time consuming, so I set up a fixed rope on the hardest section of the main wall and climbed on self belay instead. Surprising how quickly one can get pumped if you just keep going at it non-stop. I climbed:

  • 2x Götterspass 5c
  • 2x Senza Stumpä 6a+
  • 2x Tolle Lola 6b
  • 3x Psychodelic 6c
Counterweights for my self belay.

It was quite crowded at the crag with a few people even having a fire and roasting wieners. Mitra was climbing in a route other people intended to rappel. A Swiss woman complained about this in a very aggressive and uncalled for manner, to the tune of "We don't do this here in Switzerland. We have respect when other people are climbing a route". Andrey is from Russia, Mitra from Iran, so we were speaking English and were obviously not locals. Sad she had to make this about nationality and keep going on about it despite an immediate and polite apology. On the other hand all of her friends were giving her weird looks about it, so she seemed to be very much in the minority...


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