Climbing Gallerie Weesen

Monday was Sächsilüüte, a half day off in Zürich where all the guilds organize a colorful procession that culminates in blowing up a snowman (I kid you not!). Anita got drafted to participate and hand out flowers. Andrey and I went climbing instead ;-) We took a car sharing car from the office straight to lake Waalen.

Weird and varied climbing. While we had the crag to ourselves this time, it is usually very popular and the rock very polished as a consequence. The limestone feels like smooth wet marble in places, turning even giant footholds into difficult slippery slopes. The difficulty ratings felt quite random to us, with a 6a giving us huge trouble, while a 6b seemed almost trivial in comparison. Anyway, good climbing, good fun. I'll definitely return to climb more of the hundred or so routes.

I climbed:

  • Beethovenstr. 6b
  • L'inconnue 6a+
  • Pusi Kat 5c
  • 3x FKK ou Claudio serenade 6a

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