Climbing Siggenthaler Flue

Another day, another crag. The good weather is still with us, so Andrey and I leave work at 16:30 on Friday to head for the Jura again. This time we want to climb in the Siggenthaler Flue, a nicely homogeneous face with about thirty 20-30m single pitch routes in the French 6 difficulty range. It's a very nice location with the belays shaded by trees in the afternoon sun. We have it completely to ourselves.

The small overhang towards the top of the corner is the namesake for Dächlipower.

Andrey has a strong day and leads all the routes on sight. I'm struggling a bit more, but still manage clean ascents. On a birthday party some weeks ago I foolishly struck a deal with the two gym rats in my team at work and the Google fitness trainer. I'd join them in the gym at least once if they'll join us for climbing in return. I fulfilled my part of the bargain yesterday. Having my movements watched by a professional he immediately zeroed in on my weak spots (flexibility - blech!) and of course had me focus the exercises on them. Ouch!

Well marked and bolted routes lead to an almost gym-like atmosphere.
Fresh scars from rockfall. Rägeboge, Salletti zämä and parts of Coolman have been destroyed by this.

Andrey was telling me about a news report of a woman who was hospitalized with some sort of new tick transmitted disease. Of course I need to pull a tick out of my skin with tweezers under the evening shower. For some reason I seem to be especially tasty to them. I keep collecting them.

Anyway. Good climbing. We keep going until it's too dark to continue at 21:00 in the evening. We climbed:

  • Siggenhäx 6a
  • Dächlipower 6a+
  • Coolman 6a+
  • Obigrot 6b+
  • Teva-Blues 6a+

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