A couple of notes on my travel diary

The entries are mostly written in German, although some days and some bits and pieces are in English. The first couple of weeks in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary are written in a rather chaotic and short style. I only got used to writing a diary later on and the style changed from one entry for a couple of weeks to one entry a day. I wrote "live" into notebooks I carried with me and updated the website whenever I had the opportunity to do so. The version you see here is cleaned up a bit and organized into a better structure after I was home again. Not all journal entries are written by me. On parts of the journey friends accompanied me and the travelogue became a group effort. Volker wrote most of the entries for Ireland, Richy, Anna and me took turns writing in France. When travelling alone writing the diary became very important to me. It helped motivate me, vent my frustration and fight loneliness. It felt like talking to someone even when noone was around. Naturally the diary is very subjective and my views of the world and surroundings are heavily colored by my moods and experiences. Expect some strongly worded rants and ramblings - you have been warned ;-)

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