"Schlitteln" (Sledding) at Rigi Kulm

Anke and Richard left back home to Berlin but Sarah and Torsten stayed on for a bit longer. Chilling for a few days had recharged our batteries so we went to Rigi Kulm for some sledding action. The snow by now was no longer perfect, but still good enough for plenty of fun. Don't let the tame pictures fool you - "Schlitteln", as the Swiss call it, is a death defying extreme sport. According to my GPS I've reached top speeds of about 50 km/h which is a _lot_ if you are on an unknown and bumpy track with steep drops and no helmet on a vehicle that has no suspension and is nearly unsteerable. All four of us got thoroughly bumped and bruised. All four of us tremendously enjoyed the experience ;-) We followed up with a nice evening in the Rigi Kaltbad, a spa and sauna with great panoramic views of the alps.

Fun with stormy winds on the summit of the Rigi (1798m).

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