Skiing in Engelberg part two

Monday comes around and I'm sitting at my desk at work. Torsten is still in Switzerland because his car broke down and he's figuring out how to get it repaired. This was quite an adventure of it's own, but mainly Sarah's to tell, since she originally wanted to drive the car back to Germany and was the unlucky one to have it fail on her. Anyway. Turns out repairs will take a while so Torsten gives me a call at work. The weather is still outrageously good, so it's a quick decision to take two spontaneous days of vacation and go for more skiing! This time we are a lot more confident in our abilities (we had both become rusty after years of not skiing...) and fully exhaust all options available at Engelberg. Including several top-of-the-glacier all-the-way-down-to-the-valley runs which include some yellow "Variantenabfahrten" sections over unprepared but marked slopes through a canyon. Great fun!

The impressive stone fortress of the Gross Spannort (3198m).

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