Skiing in Engelberg

Sarah left back home to Köln, Anita had to start working again. That left Torsten and me. We decided to try skiing in Engelberg. Try, because the weather forecast wasn't too good, we were unsure about the snow conditions and most importantly - I wasn't even convinced I could still ski after my accident. Only at the ski rental did I find out that my ankle can bent just enough to fit a ski boot. It's painful getting into and out of one, but once in, I'm good to go! Great relief. We took full advantage of this ;-) At the same time the weather turned out perfect, the snow easily good enough for enjoyable skiing and the slopes nearly deserted. What more could you ask for?

Some people take a more hardcore approach to skiing...
...dude - it's nearly getting dark. Where do you intend to come down?!

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